Zuma’s “aqcuital” exposes black South Africans

Jacob Zuma
Jacob Zuma
The NPA today made the expected anouncement that they are not going to prosecute ANC leader and president designate Jacob Zuma for countless (700+) cases of fraud. It is a dark day for South Africa. I don’t know whether Zuma is guilty or not, but based on the fact that he had R4m in his bank account (fact) and never paid income tax for 8 years (fact) and that his accountant went to jail for fraud (fact) I think he is more than likely guilty. I don’t deny him the “innocent until proven guilty” principle, but Zuma and his puppet master(s) did everything in their considerable power to avoid him going to trial. That smells awfully bad! Read this ABC article about the Zuma case for specifics.

South Africa as a developing nation under the rule of law took a major blow today. We are now closer to a Banana Republic than we have ever been. Zuma and the ANC manipulated and intimidated everyone from the Constitutional Court (through Zuma’s mate Hlope) to the National Prosecuting Authority into submission. They have now clearly set the example that if you are the Chief you are above the law. Like Idi Amien in Uganda, Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe; Charles Taylor in Liberia and indeed most of Africa. Tribalism still reigns supreme!

Even more upsetting is that despite Zuma’s strongly alleged corruption charges, the systemic corruption of the ANC and civil service under the ANC and everything else that is going wrong with South Africa, most blacks are still expected to vote for the ANC. To these people I say that in this Democracy you will get only what you deserve. You must know that you will elect Zuma, a more-than-likely thief, to be your president. The money that he and his cronies have stolen and will steal is your money. It is the money that you could have built a house or educated your children with. You are the ones that will stay in this land that Zuma and the ANC rapes & pillages till nothing works and there is no Justice.

To the people that vote for Jacob Zuma I say that you will never be treated as equals by the West if you are too stupid and/or cowardly to vote for Jacob Zuma. You will always be the world’s basket case. You will always have to beg if you don’t have the guts and intellectual capability to vote for someone other than the Big Fat Lazy Chief.

The people that vote for the ANC (this time around) represent the failure of Africa; intellectually challenged, tribalist, racist, gutless and weak.

Note: This post may seem racially motivated, but it is precisely not. It addresses Black weaknesses in this country simply because our political landscape is determined by Black voters. Besides that very few Whites are expected to vote for Zuma. If I wrote this blog 20 years ago I would have written about the (now obvious) White weaknesses in this country.

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