My best round of Golf in ages

Yesterday I had my best 9 holes in more than 10 years. I scored a ringless round of 51 at the Alexandria Golf Club. This was also my 4th game in 10 years so I am very pleased. I hit 3 great approach shots. The best was an 8-iron out of the rough that landed about a foot from the hole. My putting was also good. Now I just have to get my driving and my long irons sorted out. And I need to replace the Pitching Wedge that I broke – in anger – two weeks ago 😦

Before I left SA for the UK in 2000 I played about once a week for years. There where periods were I consistently scored in the low nineties; my best score was a 92.  But we didn’t play to strict rules. For instance, Mulligans were plentiful. So I don’t really count those scores.

Yesterday’s round sure has motivated me but, as is standard with golf, my next round will most probably be a shocker again.

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