Max takes the easy route

Max du Preez is depressed. Read why.

This is quite predictable from our Max. Our country is going to the dogs. Not because of an isolated incident at UFS (which is appaling, but isolated), but because all our government institutions are failing; one by one.

But all Max can moan about is the easy one: oh the the racist Afrikaners. The thing is Max, you are not a journalist anymore. You take the easy route. The UFS incident is an easy target; visual and sensational. But its not a national issue. Why don’t you do your damn job?

There are national issues that undermine the stability of this country far more than the UFS incident. Crime, Zuma, poverty, Eskom and our bureaucracy. Why don’t you investigate those, Max? We need real journalists in this country; desperately. We need people who can ask the tough questions to Mbeki, Zuma, Selebi and the Eskom management.

No, our journalists are really hardcore on racist Afrikaners & rugby. But anything more than that is just no good for the career.

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