Is Hasim Amla a quota player?

Its the old cliche: There are no quotas in South African cricket. And yet looking at Hasim Amla’s stats you could find plenty to challenge that. Our best batsmen of my generation, Jacques Kallis, has an average of the mid 50s. Behind him Graeme Smith & Herschelle Gibbs hover around the mid to high 40s, AB de Villiers & Mark Boucher hover around the mid 30s. Hasim Amla on the other hand is currently at 26 (after 25 innings). Surely something is wrong with this picture. Your No. 3 batsmen is “supposed” to be the best batsmen in the side and yet Hasim Amla’s record is worse even than Shaun Pollock who is more a bowler than a batsmen.

I’m afraid I cannot see how Hasim Amla can represent South-Africa other than through political interference. I have nothing against Amla – he seems to be a very decent level-headed sort of guy, but right now he is not good enough to be in the team.

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