Front page for The Red Apple

We had a curious incident at our shop a couple of weeks ago: Thandeka Mali, a Ndlambe (our local authority) official, threw a tantrum saying that we employ too many coloured people instead of black people (for overseas readers in South-Africa coloured and black are not the same; “coloureds” come from nomadic tribes who populated the Southern tip of South Africa while “blacks” originate from North of the Sahara). I then told the lady that we have an anti-racism policy and if she continues down that road I’ll have to ask her to leave.

Anyway we wrote about this to The Talk of the Town, the local newspaper, thinking it might get a mention. When opening today’s edition we were surprised to see it made the front page!!

Elke loop (op video)

Ons het vanoggend Elke se eerste treĆ« op video vasgevang. Met die hulp van tegnologie kan lesers dit ‘n paar uur later sien. Die is ook toevallig my eerste Youtube upload.

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