New low for Carte Blanche

I couldn’t believe my eyes and ears this week when Carte Blanche aired a Gert van Rooyen story that was about as believable as Girvan Lubbe’s malaria watch.

I was dismayed that Ruda Landman put her name to this nonsense. This is not investigative journalism – there were no cold hard facts whatsoever! Clairvoyancy form Marietta Theunissen and quantum physics from Danie Krugel – wtf?? Absolutely shocking from one of the more respected institutions in South Africa. Danie Krugel is a fake – you can spot him a mile away. Quantum Physics doesn’t work in the way he suggested. It is the old story: Bullshit baffles brains! Hoekom dit altyd Afrikaners is wat so simpel is weet ek ook nie!!

You’ll always have the Danie Krugel and Girvan Lubbes of this world exploiting people for a quick buck. But organisations like Carte Blanche are supposed to expose these frauds and NOT endorse them. This is not the 1st time this has happened to Carte Blanche (Lubbe being another example). No respected news/journalistic organisation like the BBC, CNN, NBC or any of these would come within a mile of this story. Carte Blanche has very seriously dented its own reputation.

I’ve been told Derek wasn’t on holiday, but he refused to be associated with this story. Good on you Derek. To Ruda this is a disappointing end to a glittering career. Rumour also has it that this story may have something to do with her departure from Carte Blanche.

Sadly, with South-Africans being as gullible as they are I’m sure many of the “volk” are sold on this. Thankfully people like Moonflake agrees with me.

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