New low for Carte Blanche

I couldn’t believe my eyes and ears this week when Carte Blanche aired a Gert van Rooyen story that was about as believable as Girvan Lubbe’s malaria watch.

I was dismayed that Ruda Landman put her name to this nonsense. This is not investigative journalism – there were no cold hard facts whatsoever! Clairvoyancy form Marietta Theunissen and quantum physics from Danie Krugel – wtf?? Absolutely shocking from one of the more respected institutions in South Africa. Danie Krugel is a fake – you can spot him a mile away. Quantum Physics doesn’t work in the way he suggested. It is the old story: Bullshit baffles brains! Hoekom dit altyd Afrikaners is wat so simpel is weet ek ook nie!!

You’ll always have the Danie Krugel and Girvan Lubbes of this world exploiting people for a quick buck. But organisations like Carte Blanche are supposed to expose these frauds and NOT endorse them. This is not the 1st time this has happened to Carte Blanche (Lubbe being another example). No respected news/journalistic organisation like the BBC, CNN, NBC or any of these would come within a mile of this story. Carte Blanche has very seriously dented its own reputation.

I’ve been told Derek wasn’t on holiday, but he refused to be associated with this story. Good on you Derek. To Ruda this is a disappointing end to a glittering career. Rumour also has it that this story may have something to do with her departure from Carte Blanche.

Sadly, with South-Africans being as gullible as they are I’m sure many of the “volk” are sold on this. Thankfully people like Moonflake agrees with me.

Robbie Hunter jou doring!!

Gister het Robbie Hunter die 1ste Suid-Afrikaner en Afrikaan geword om ‘n skof in die Tour de France te wen. Ek is ‘n groot rugby ondersteuner, maar ek admireer ouens soos Robbie Hunter en Roland Schoeman meer omdat hulle baie meer moet opoffer om hulle sport te kan be-oefen. Hierdie wen sal al die moeilike tye (en Robbie het heelwat gehad) vergete maak.

Maak nie meer saak wat vorentoe met Robbie se loopbaan gebeur nie – hy sal nou altyd kan sO hy het ‘n skof in die grootste fietswedren op aarde gewen. Dis nou as hy nie enige iets snaaks gedrink het nie!

Middle Beach pools

Middle Beach pools

Friday was spring tide so yesterday at low tide we went to Middle Beach in Kenton to mess around in the rock pools. There is a massive pool there (pictured here) that is just wonderful to swim in. The water was very nice and it was hot enough so I couldn’t resist getting in. I tried to convince the old ladies I was with but they left their swiming gear at home so they couldn’t join me.

Check out some more Middle Beach photos.

Review: Soul Eater

I loved the first 2 books (Wolf Brother & Spirit Walker) in The Chronicles of Ancient Darkness series so I was looking forward to the 3rd one – called Soul Eater. Unfortunately it didn’t really rise to my expectations. I can’t really put my finger on it, but the story felt a little thin. Also I loved the forest stuff in the first books – the author described everything so well you could feel it, but Soul Eater is set more in the icy world of the North. And I didn’t get the same atmosphere.

Having said all that, I will certainly read the next one!

Awesome Freebie: I don’t know how they managed to swing this, but they got Sir Ian McKellen to read Wolf Brother, the first book, and best of all you can listen to it for FREE! Just go to The Gaurdian’s Wolf Brother site and download. Good job Gaurdian!

Boesmans sunrise/sunset & more

I have just updated the Bushman’s River Mouth homepage to show a 3-day weather forecast. This data is ‘live’ and pulled via an RSS (Real Simple Syndication) feed from BBC. Sofar the forecasts have been very accurate. I’m still trying to get an RSS feed of the tides, but sofar the closest match is for Durban. But I will keep on looking.

So please check out the Boesmansriviermond weather. This weather obviously applies to the surround (Kenton-on-Sea, Boknes & Cannon Rocks) as well.

Brand new Mercedes C Class: a beauty!

We just saw the brand new Mercedes C Class outside our shop. It is so new it has not even been priced yet in this country nevermind released. I must say it is a beautiful car! I’ve always been a fan of Mercedes since my dad had the W126 (the best selling shape Merc has ever had) 260E. But in my opinion Mercedes-Benz have lost ground to BMW and Audi in terms of design over the last decade or so. I can gladly say though that this model makes up for that.

People coming in and out of our shop all noticed the car – I wonder how many coffees we need to sell for me to be able to afford one? 🙂

Jeremy Clarkson goes too far

Generally speaking I like liked Jeremy Clarkson. I thought the furore when he destroyed a very old tree a couple of years ago was justified but I thought that maybe he just made a mistake. I couldn’t give a toss if he calls a car “gay”.

This week though he went too far. By ignoring the advice of their guide Clarkson and his crew literally tore up the Makgadikgadi salt pans. They say they “employed several environmental experts who advised us on where we could and couldn’t go”. We’ll it certainly doesn’t sound like it to me. Anyone from this region knows that you drive only where you find tracks. It is a fundamental that you learn it conservation 101 for heaven’s sake!!

I’m very disappointed in the Beeb’s reaction. On the one hand they promote heroes like Sir David Attenborough who fights for conservation but on the other hand they back Clarkson who destroys what needs to be conserved. I think this undoes some of the great work done by the BBC.

The best thing would be if someone literally beats Clarkson like a runaway slave – it seems that is all he understands. Given the opportunity I would oblige and he won’t call me a “pre-menstrual bird” afterwards.

Inaugural Boesmansriviermond BigBash

This weekend we had the inaugural Boesmansriviermond BigBash. The idea being to have a party for people our age in and around Bushman’s. We organised it a bit late and not for the absolute best time (in the school holidays) so many people couldn’t make it, but despite that everybody that was there had a good time including ourselves. We have learned a few things though so in 2009 we’ll plan it better.

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