Racist ANC to destroy Springbok legacy

Springbok Rugby
Racist ANC targets the Springbok

It has emerged that the ANC, through its influence, aims to take over Springbok Rugby after this year’s world cup. Rumours are that the Springbok team will be coached by a sub-standard coloured coach (Pieter de Villiers) and will have 10 black/coloured players on the field at all times. Luke Watson is set to be the captain. To put things in perspective there are presently 2 black players (Bryan Habana and Guthro Steenkamp) in the side on merit and Luke Watson (the son of anti-Apartheid activist Cheeky Watson) isn’t even in the top 6 loose-forwards in the country.

I don’t care what your background is or what your political views are, but surely this must raise a red flag to anyone that supports democracy and deplores racism. The rhetoric of these rugby officials is comparable to Hitler in Nazi Germany. I just hope that the senior ANC members see how dangerous these precedents are and stops it. I’m just not sure they know how fundamentally wrong this is. This would be a good way to head for that Banana Republic that Mbeki hates to hear about so much.

The only positive outcome if this disturbing vision would ever realise would be if we saw a breakaway group formed of merit-based (black, white, coloured etc) players/administrators. I’m certain this group would have support from the businesses that matter (Supersport, Vodacom, Fox/Newscorp) and most importantly the viewing/paying public. To my mind this is probably the only thing that can save rugby from a meddling racist government.

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