Canada shows Winnie the door

Today Canada denied Winnie Mandela a tourist visa. I say kudos to Canada. Winnie is a horrible person who was found guilty of kidnapping and murder. She is also a convicted fraudster.

Despite this Winnie is still seen as a hero by many black institutions & organistions across the globe.

Jonathan Kay agrees.

Amnesty International fights the fight

Amnesty International has warned that the internet “could change beyond all recognition” unless action is taken against the erosion of online freedoms.

According to Amnesty International the “virus of internet repression” has spread from a handful of countries to dozens of governments, said the group.

Readers of this blog will know that I am passionate about protecting free speech so I endorse Amnesty International in this case.

People will very easily say a website should be shut down for saying something they disagree with or that angers them, but that is such a dangerous precedent. It is never just about shutting down a site/page. Because the principle is if you shut down one you can shut anyone down. Then the question is who decides if a site should be shut down and then basically its a slippery slope into full censorship.

Today a friend emailed me about cityboy, another anonymous blogger. His writing is brilliant and it is now getting some recognition, but it would never have been as crisp if the author wasn’t anonymous.

Remember the old rule always applies, if you don’t like it, turn it off.

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