Major movie excitement: Golden Compass

I saw the trailer for Philip Pullman’s Golden Compass (aka Northern Lights) for the first time last night and it gave me goosebumps! I didn’t even know they were making the movie yet so this was great news; the bad news is that it only has a release date of December (damn – so long to wait). But at least there is plenty of time to catch up on the books.

Below is a youtube trailer but I suggest you watch the HD trailer which you can download here.

Golden Compass is the 1st book in the His Dark Materials trilogy. This trailer might suggest it is pure fantasy like Narnia and Harry Potter and there certainly is plenty of that, but the trilogy (in book format at least) also covers some very deep philosophical and existential issues. I hope they canĂ¡bring the underlying themes to the movies, because the books aren’t exactly for organised religion and for Hollywood this is dangerous. For this reason I urge readers of this blog to read His Dark Materials before you watch the movie. Buy His Dark Materials at Amazon (US), Amazon (UK) and Kalahari.NET (South-Africa).

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