De La Rey by Bok van Blerk – eeeiiisshh!!

general de la reyOne of the bigger talking points in South-Africa (specifically the Afrikaans community) at present is the song De La Rey by Bok van Blerk.

I must say that I liked the song after the first time I heard it but I didn’t have a clue what it was about – it just sounded good. Since then though I have seen the video and heard the song many times and I must say it really moves me. I know I know; I am a sucker for Boer nationalism. It is strange though because I’m not what you’d call a typical Afrikaner – I’ve got too many funny ideas for that, but I am immensely proud to be an Afrikaner.

Some elements in the press thinks this song is so popular because the Afrikaners are searching for their “lost” identity, but I’m not so sure. I think this song will be popular regardless of identity issues and let’s not forget it is a very catchy song. Anyway I don’t think the Afrikaner is as lost as he was 6/7 years ago.

Hierdie quote van Bok, oftewel Louis Pepler, som dit mooi op:

Ja, Reënboognasie en al daai dinge . . . Maar ons is een van daai reënboogkleure. Jy moet saam met ‘n Zoeloe, Xhosa en Engelsman om ‘n tafel kan sit en weet wie jy is.

I urge anyone to watch the video and I challenge any Afrikaner not to get a lump in the throat when watching it. You can Youtube it here. The video is distributed in mpeg format on the CD as well.

Bravo Bok van Blerk!!

Hanlie Retief from Rapport (not usually a newspaper I read) wrote this insightful article about Bok and De La Rey.

Vir die wat meer oor De La Rey self wil weet gaan loer gerus na die Koos De La Rey wiki.

Update: A friend sent me this article by Koos Kombuis about Bok van Blerk. It is certainly worth a read.

Further Update: Die NY Times, een van die mees gerespekteerde koerante ter wêreld, het gister (27 Februarie 2007) ‘n voorbladartikel oor Bok en De La Rey gehad.

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