Back in the RSA!

Boesmansrivier from Heunis HomeWe’ll we’ve been back in the good old Republic of South-Africa now for a couple of days. It is winter but after some good rains in the first couple of days we have had some fantastic weather. The photo is of the Boesmansrivier (Bushman’s River), from my parents’ house. Remember this is winter!

I must say it is strange thinking of this as “home” again after being in London for 7 years. It definitely hasn’t sunk in yet. The fact that we are presently living in my parents’ home and I don’t have my own PC, telephone line, cellphone or ‘net access yet doesn’t help either. Our utmost priority is to get these things sorted out.

The business proposition, probably the main reason we moved back at the time we did, still looks as good as it did three months ago. As you’d expect there are some things we’re not entirely happy about, but there are other things that we’re really delighted about.

One thing is for sure; there is a lot of work to be done. I think this is a good thing though. It should help us to adapt to the different way things work around here. We just can’t wait to get started!

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