Diving Italy wins the World Cup Farce

World Cup football is an absolute farce. Italy, France, Portugal, Holland all cheated to get where they ended up.

I supported Italy from the start, but after their diving exhibition against the US, I stopped supporting them. There is no other way to describe diving: it is cheating – plain and simple. Italy beat Australia by cheating. And trust me I’m not an Australian supporter.

Like any decent South-African, I find it difficult to support England, but from now on I will do just that. The players’ behaviour throughout the tournament was exemplary. I don’t know of one instance where they cheated by diving. Kudos to the Poms. Just keep it up – you’ve won many fans and you’ll win many more.

The Italian club scene is allready in serious trouble because of a different kind of cheating (match-fixing) and now they have won the World Cup by cheating. But they are not alone. All of continental European teams bar Spain are as guilty.

FIFA have been disturbingly weak by not addressing this. There has been talk of bringing in video to try and stop the cheating. I really hope that FIFA have the guts to do this because presently international football is a farce and not watchable.

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