King Kong? More like King Con.

This movie is utter utter nonsense.

It shows what happens when a Kiwi directs a movie about animals (they don’t have them in NZ). It also shows how many people still have no concept of nature. I realise this is just good yarn, but for crying out load it is supposed to be a gorilla after all. The most ridiculious scenes were the ice-skating scene and the “its beautiful” scenes. All are meant to be serious, but I burst out laughing. This is something I never do because each of us experience movies in different ways, but this was just asking to much.

Naomi Watts had about 1 expression throughout the movie, but she does have nice legs and I now realise that really that is what this movie is entirly about.

Adrian Brody was also very phony. I can’t see how he got the part. Maybe his big nose had more to do with this than we think (nudge nudge).

The only redeeming feature of the movie was Kong’s CGI. But as with Final Fantasy, good CGI isn’t enough to carry a movie.

You can’t expect much more from Hollywood, but I still can’t workout how the press (here in the UK at least) started dishing out 5 stars for this piece of KAK! After browsing the IMDB Forums last night one of the posters compared this to “The Emperor’s New Clothes”. I think this is very apt.

Also found out that there are massive concerns that King Kong is not doing nearly as well as is expected at the Box Office. I’m glad. Hollywood needs to understand that cheap sentimentality and unoriginality don’t translate to profit, even if you use all CGI and money you can muster.

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