Things that go bump in the night

This morning at 6am while fast asleep I heard our doors rattling. I immediately assumed that someone had entered or was trying to enter our house. I jumped up and while running grabbed my old tripod (as good as a baseball bat any day) ready to kick the living shit out of whoever it was that was stealing my stuff. The Mrs thought I’d gone mad!

When I got downstairs there was no-one in our flat and everything was secure. By this time Lené had also got up and said she also heard the noise. I was really baffled because I was sure I heard someone at our doors, but I couldn’t find anything untoward.

It was only when we started browsing the Internet several hours later that we discovered that it was a huge explosion north of London that was to blame. It must have been a massive explosion because there are reports that it was heard in France! Our doors were rattled very hard, but we were lucky; some people in London had their windows blown out.

Read more on the explosion at Massive explosions hit fuel depot (a BBC News article).

My jumping out of bed “armed” reminded me of my dad who actually caught people red-handed like this. And believe me you didn’t want to be caught stealing from my old man.

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