SA, here we come!!

Well it is the time of the year again where we leave everyting on The Island (UK) to go and galavant in the sun in South-Africa. We’re flying out today at 8pm and we’ll be in Port Elizabeth tomorrow at about 1pm. Whooohooo!! I’ll be back in London on the 22nd of January.

I will obviously not be updating this blog as much as usual, but check back next year.

To all the readers of this blog, have a great festive period.

Blair will squirm out of this one… again

Tefal Tony is taking a lot of criticism for his rebate compromise to the EU, but I’m certain he’s going to squirm out of this one as well.

I don’t think what the UK is doing is wrong. The problem is that this compromise was made as part of a deal with the King of Squirm, Jacques Chiraq. France must review their farm subsidy system – with an idea of ending it – to keep their part of the deal. And Tony Blair is naive to simply trust Chiraq. Anyone knows you really shouldn’t trust Chiraq.

By the way: the Tefal in Tefal Tony comes from the perception that nothing sticks to Tony. I think this caricature by Riber shows Blair in the way that we’ve all come to know and love.

King Kong? More like King Con.

This movie is utter utter nonsense.

It shows what happens when a Kiwi directs a movie about animals (they don’t have them in NZ). It also shows how many people still have no concept of nature. I realise this is just good yarn, but for crying out load it is supposed to be a gorilla after all. The most ridiculious scenes were the ice-skating scene and the “its beautiful” scenes. All are meant to be serious, but I burst out laughing. This is something I never do because each of us experience movies in different ways, but this was just asking to much.

Naomi Watts had about 1 expression throughout the movie, but she does have nice legs and I now realise that really that is what this movie is entirly about.

Adrian Brody was also very phony. I can’t see how he got the part. Maybe his big nose had more to do with this than we think (nudge nudge).

The only redeeming feature of the movie was Kong’s CGI. But as with Final Fantasy, good CGI isn’t enough to carry a movie.

You can’t expect much more from Hollywood, but I still can’t workout how the press (here in the UK at least) started dishing out 5 stars for this piece of KAK! After browsing the IMDB Forums last night one of the posters compared this to “The Emperor’s New Clothes”. I think this is very apt.

Also found out that there are massive concerns that King Kong is not doing nearly as well as is expected at the Box Office. I’m glad. Hollywood needs to understand that cheap sentimentality and unoriginality don’t translate to profit, even if you use all CGI and money you can muster.

The best personalised homepage on the ‘net?

I heard about ProtoPage from TWiT, my favourite techie podcast, and decided to have a look.

I must say I was very impressed. It almost exclusively uses AJAX and is therefore very slick. Google do something similar, but Protopage is miles ahead (for now).

You can setup pages to be private or public for instance. Check out my public home page at Attie’s Home.

I love reading blogs, but you have to admit that they are hard to keep track of. I know RSS readers do it for you, but as a consultant I work from many PCs so that doesn’t really work for me. This page takes care of that for me.

I am well impressed, but do check it out for yourselves at

Things that go bump in the night

This morning at 6am while fast asleep I heard our doors rattling. I immediately assumed that someone had entered or was trying to enter our house. I jumped up and while running grabbed my old tripod (as good as a baseball bat any day) ready to kick the living shit out of whoever it was that was stealing my stuff. The Mrs thought I’d gone mad!

When I got downstairs there was no-one in our flat and everything was secure. By this time Lené had also got up and said she also heard the noise. I was really baffled because I was sure I heard someone at our doors, but I couldn’t find anything untoward.

It was only when we started browsing the Internet several hours later that we discovered that it was a huge explosion north of London that was to blame. It must have been a massive explosion because there are reports that it was heard in France! Our doors were rattled very hard, but we were lucky; some people in London had their windows blown out.

Read more on the explosion at Massive explosions hit fuel depot (a BBC News article).

My jumping out of bed “armed” reminded me of my dad who actually caught people red-handed like this. And believe me you didn’t want to be caught stealing from my old man.

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