Brideshead Revisited: Best tv drama of all time?

They are currently repeating Brideshead Revisited on ITV3 in the UK. I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say that this is probably the finest adaptation of a novel put to film. It is a real work of astounding and living art. It is very rare that you find something so perfect.

The cast alone should get anyone interested. It is a veritable who’s-who of British stage & cinema. Jeremy Irons, Anthony Andrews, Diana Quick, Claire Bloom and the giants of Sir John Gielgud & Lawrence Olivier all contribute to this masterpiece.

It is so stimulating on so many levels. Visually you can’t find anything more glorious than Castle Howard (Brideshead in the series). But it is far more than just visual grandeur. The story touches on so many very important things. All the real things that people go through in changing times. Like all works of brilliance, there is a true tragedy to the story. The whole thing is incredibly sad. Not in a easy way – like someone dying, but in a very deep way-of-life way.

I can watch this show again and again. The music also contributes so much to the series. Whenever I hear it I automatically replay some of the scenes in my head.

For me there is only show that comes close and that is Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurtry. It is about something completely different, but there are some similarities.

I think I’m going to purchase Brideshead Revisited at Amazon right now! Honestly.

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