New Adam Heunis Photography site

I’ve finally finished moving my photo site from to I actually like the new name (and subsequent domain name) a lot better then vsImages. It roles of the tongue easier and is less prone to typos (from my own experience!).

The structure of the site has also changed dramatically. Before I used Blogger to build a ‘bloggy’ site, but I have now switched to a proper C#/ASP.NET solution. The home page dynamically builds the albums based a folder structure. This is great for maintainability. All I need to do is to ftp a new album up to my server and the rest is done automatically.

I will enhance the site further. At a high level, my roadmap is: user friendly titles & descriptions, rss feed, ‘new’ albums, album sorting, album categories, voting, online purchases with PayPal and finally colour profiling based on an image (waiting on Boerseun). So be sure to watch this site in future.

I must just add that I’ve nicked some of the look and feel from Jeremy Clark’s site. Thanks to Boerseun for pointing me in that direction as well.

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