Google is still pushing the envelope

If you can (they limit downloads per day), try downloading Google’s Earth application. This is an absolutely brilliant piece of software. I suspect it uses a lot of the Google Maps technology, but as a stand-alone thin-client application it provides for a much slicker user experience.

Like me, you’ll find that time flies by when you’re checking out roads, mountains etc in your neck of the woods.

My old man makes documentaries in Africa and he is always looking for maps. They’re normally quite expensive so he’ll definitely find value in this.

London terrorism

As most people will know by now, London was targeted by terrorists yesterday. I am currently working in the city and I get off at Tottenham Court Road. This is 3 stops away from King’s Cross, where the most deaths occurred. I am obviously very relieved to have avoided any of these atrocities.

The funny thing is that we weren’t actually told it was a terrorist attack until about 5 hours after it happened. But with all the police action in the city, I guessed that something serious had happened. The whole city has been affected, but nobody is reacting in the emotional way that the New Yorkers did. I realise that it is not nearly as dramatic, but the Brits are naturally very reserved; even in situations like these. It is something to be admired.

Today there were very few people on my tube and everyone, including me, was highly suspicious. I suspect it will get back to normal pretty soon though. The politicians are also pushing for a “back to normal” attitude.

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