Review: Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Nothing that good, bat not terrible either. It is a very “English Sci-Fi” feel to it. I don’t know if that makes any sense, but there is none of the “bigness” of US Sci-Fi movies. If you have seen Doctor Who you would know what I mean.

Martin Freeman (from The Office) is OK, but bordering on irritating. Sam Rockwell is very irritating. The Girl is good. The cameos are probably the best thing about it.

I give it a 3 (out of 5), but if you like Doctor Who you’ll love the movie.

Cornwall breakaway

Newquay, Cornwall
Newquay, Cornwall

My wife and I have just returned from a weekend breakaway to Cornwall. It was a rather important birthday (I dare not say which one!) for her and we decided to get out of London. We didn’t want to go too far or spend too much because we are going on our Mediterranean cruise in less than 3 weeks time. Whoopee!

Before this weekend, all I knew about Cornwall was that it was about the only place in the UK where you could surf. I wasn’t expecting too much, but I was very pleasantly surprised. Newquay reminds me a little of Jeffreys Bay in South Africa. Especially with the focus on surfing. St Ives is a fantastically picturesque village on the sea. I’ll upload some pictures soon. It doesn’t quite have the vibe of Newquay, but it is really gorgeous. Understandably a lot of English painters live in St Ives. The whole place is also full of exclusive art shops.

For surfing; the breaks actually looked really good in Newquay and St Ives. The JBay boys will have a whale of a time here. The quality of surfing was also surprisingly good. I did get some photos, but the light didn’t really play along so they aren’t that good.

Macro Blue (Eden Project)
Impressive Eden Project
The famous Eden Project is also near Newquay (about 20 miles away). This is something I can HIGHLY RECOMMEND. I was astounded by what they have managed to build there. It is one of the most satisfying “tourist attractions” I have been to in the UK. If you’re into plants you’ll have to be dragged away from there. The flowers are extraordinary – I took some nice (hopefully) macro photos as well. I’ll post some soon. They also cater for children in a novel way. The kids are kept busy all the time – they aren’t even irritating! No it has nothing to to with the cannabis they produce there!! LOL! Seriously though, the cannabis or hemp section is very interesting.

Cornwall gets a big “thumbs up” from me. So far this is my favourite county in the UK. I’ll definitely try and visit again – hopefully next time in the summer.

Potgooi 02

Hierdie is ons 2de podcast. Hy is baie kleiner (7.5MB) as die eerste Episode. Om te luister, regs klik (right-click) die icon bo en stoor (Save target as…) die MP3 op jou rekenaar en luister dan daarna op jy eie tyd. Jy kan ook stream deur net te klik op die icon.

Laai af. Potgooi bestaan ongelukkig nie meer nie.

HOW TO: Blog without fear

This is actually someat that I’ve thought about long and hard myself. I want this blog to be brutally honest and visible to the world. But I don’t want potential employers/clients to find it in case they might not agree with my views. My solution was to use my nickname for this blog and then I created another “working friendly” blog using my real name. I suppose only time will tell if this strategy works, but sofar Google is behaving in the way that I want.

This “private life – working life” issue has been in the spotlight recently with the spate of high-profile dismissals because employers didn’t like what employees had on their blogs. Google, Delta Airlines among others have dooced employees.

The term “doocing” was coined to describe being fired for one’s website content after a US web designer was fired for her site in 2002.

Thanks to the BBC for this.

Now the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has issued some guidelines for safe blogging to help bloggers stay out of trouble. The essence is to stay anonymous, but there is more to it than that, so I do reccomend reading the whole page.

See also the BBC’s article on Work bloggers offered guidelines.

Awesome post (for South Africans)

Check ‘n bietjie hierdie great Suid-Afrikaanse post. O hel, nou verlang ek huistoe!

Ek moet ‘n bietjie kwoteer (met toestemming):

“Vroteier”, Telegram, hand tennis, Foefie slides & climbing trees. Running till you were out of breath. Laughing so hard that your stomach hurt. Jumping on the bed. Pillow fights. Spinning around, getting dizzy and falling down. Paper water bombs and mud clots were the ultimate weapon. Going everywhere on your BMX , without ever needing helmets or pads.


“A race issue” meant arguing about who ran the fastest.

Die post ‘n toekenning by die SA Blog Awards gekry.

Smacking your child. Yes or No?

I have just finished watching “Supernanny”. This reality TV show has a nanny helping parents deal with their naughty children. And these children are very very naughty. They throw tantrums, swear, spit & physically attack their parents. The nanny then has all sorts of tips and tricks to help the parents “discipline” the kids.

Now as I remember, I wouldn’t ever EVER dare do anything of those things when I was a child. Had I done it, my dad would literally have given me a hiding that would’ve stopped me using my behind for about a week. I’m not exaggerating either.

I now think that my dad was slightly too hard on me, but I don’t see the harm in smacking a child under these circumstances. It teaches “absolute discipline”. I think this is needed. To illustrate: if a child doesn’t listen and runs into a busy road they will get killed. There is no discussing why you can’t walk into the road – it will be too late.

I suppose I’m from a more hostile environment (South Africa), but as a child growing up there were numerous instances where this kind of absolute discipline really saved my bacon.

I also believe that the tendency in the UK to pussy foot around discipline has a lot to do with the current abhorrent yob culture that is taking over the UK. My final thought: if parents don’t discipline their kids it is just going to get worse and worse.

Potgooi 01

Hierdie is ons eerste podcast. Julle sal sien ons sukkel maar by party plekke, maar ons is relatief tevrede met die eerste probeerslag. Die cast is 30 min lank. Om te luister, regs klik (right-click) die icon bo en stoor (Save target as…) die MP3 op jou rekenaar en luister dan daarna op jy eie tyd. Jy kan ook stream deur net te klik op die icon.

Laai af. Tot my groot spyt is hierdie MP3 skoonveld.

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