Lion hunting debate starting in South Africa

A while back I wrote about the negative aspects of trophy hunting in Africa. Well the South-African government is trying to make some decisions around specifically lion hunting. They have invited the public to give their input as well. If you read my previous blog, you will now that I am very much against the idea of selling of our natural heritage to the highest bidder i.e. trophy hunting. If you support this opinion, please please please sign the online petition at The Green DB. This petition will be delivered to the South African government.

Political correctness gone absolutely insane!

Has anybody seen this story on Rodney Marsh’s sacking? I’ve never heard of something so ridiculous. I HATE political correctness!!! The joke he told doesn’t offend anyone, but Beckham. Yes it is in bad taste, but so many jokes are. We as a society are dangerously heading down a path of no return.

It is the same thing with Prince Harry and his Nazi suite. How in heavens name is that meant to offend anyone? I think it is absolutely crazy! Some of my own ancestors were held in concentration camps by the Poms (in the Anglo-Boer war), but I have heard some jokes that are hilarious about those times.

I don’t get offended when somebody cracks a good Saffer joke, so why can I not make Jewish, Yankee, Muslim, Boer, Black, Aussie, Pommie, Fat or Sexist jokes?

This Political Correctness crap is a more serious threat to freedom of speech than we realise.

Review of Closer

We saw the movie “Closer” this weekend. I’ll give this movie a definite thumbs up. Part of the reason is because there are some elements of my own life (past more than present) in this movie as well – I’m not going to say which elements! But overall I really think is very good. Natalie Portman is brilliant in this role, but the other actors are superb as well. The movie is very dark, but there are some hilarious scenes as well. Jude Law has the funniest line in the movie.

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