Finished my contract

I have just finished my contract with TMG. Great bunch of lads.

I’m ecstatic though because in 48-hours from now I’ll be “leaving on a jet plane, don’t know when I’ll be back again.“. Actually I know exactly when I’ll be back again, but we ARE going for annual holiday to Sarafrica for 4 weeks. I can’t wait for the familiar Johannesburg heatwave to hit you in the face when you get out at Jan Smuts airport. Honestly it’s one of the best feelings ever.

This time though I want to be a bit more active. I’ve got £3,500 worth of digital camera equipment to help me stay active! Seriously though, I want to get a lot of high quality photos in the Eastern Cape. Hopefully (if we can arrange it) of some wildlife as well.

I don’t know how much I’ll be blogging over these 4 weeks, so to everybody who reads this: Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!

Smoking girls

One of my ‘neighbours’ at my client’s offices is a smoker. She is quite a foxy lass and she has all the attributes that I (as a married man!) consider attractive.

The only thing is that she smokes. And everytime she comes back from her smoke break she stinks. It is incredible how smoking can stink up a place! Admittedly there other smokers as well, but they don’t sit next to me. The worst thing is I don’t think she (or smokers in general) realise how terrible they smell!

This is probably going to sound somewhat sexist, but I cannot understand how gorgeous young women can purposefully do this to themselves. Men are no better of course, but from girls it just seems even more stupid.

Just finished ‘The Da Vinci Code’

I’ve just finished Dan Brown’s ‘The Da Vinci Code’ and it be lying if I said this book isn’t fascinating. I got the book as part of a 3/2 sale at Books etc. I didn’t really expect much, but this is a fantastic book!

I urge anyone to read this book – even more so if you are part of a Christian culture. By Christian culture, I don’t mean neccesarily being a Christian (I’m not), but by being part of a Christian culture, like in most Western Countries including South-Africa and the UK (my points of reference).

Apart from “the message” of the book, there are loads of incredibly interesting facts. The symbology stuff is also REALLY fascinating.

Read this book!

Da Vinci Code

I’m really getting into Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code at the minute. My wife gave it to me a couple of weeks ago and I wasn’t expecting too much. But so far it is brilliant. Some of the info “on the side” is very interesting. For instance sinister actually means left. That’s just one thing, but there loads of stuff like that.

Also, there is a lot of stuff about Da Vinci, but I won’t say too much else I might spoil it.

The headache of SEO

I’m trying my utmost to up my freaking site’s page ranking on google, but without success. I’ve tried all the “recognised” stuff, but google is still not indexing my site. Aaaaargh!

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