Racism in SA Sports

As a South-African I am ashamed to admit this, but racism is still rife in SA sports. The powers that be discriminate against players purely because on the colour of their skin. For the non-Saffers that read this blog, we have “quota” requirements in our sports. This essentially means that a set number of players have to be a certain colour.

“Quota” (in the SA Sports context at least) is a racist principle. You can argue as much as you like for equality and nation building etc (which I’m all for), but essentialy the quota player practice discriminates against players based on the colour of their skin. This would be unconstitunional or against the law in the UK, the US or most other 1st World countries AND, dare I say it, in South Africa as well.

Can you imagine the US Government telling the NY Yankees that there must be at least 4 non-Jewish whites in the team that takes the field?!?

Oh, I forgot to mention that this time it is the whites that are being discriminated against.

My Best Photos

Check out my best photos. All except the Mt Kilimanjaro and the Buffalo were taken with a Nikon D70 (Digital). The Kenyan head mask was taken with my new Tamron macro lens. This is an awesome piece of equipment. I’ll have some more macro images on here shortly.

Bulls go all the way!

Well I must say that I’m not surprised at the result. As a Bulls supporter I am delighted! They were most peoples favourites before the season even began and with players like Houghie, Foerie, Anton, Victor, Ettiene, Gary, Roetsie, the 2 Danies and the Cronje brothers you would have been silly to bet against them. Thankfully Heyneke will be coaching the Bulls in the Super 12 next year. As I have said before, with him there and the core of this team, the Bulls can with this illusive trophy.

I’m also really looking forward to see our new centre pairing in action. I think Habana is slightly small and we are going to have to keep an eye on defense, but on attack he looks like the real thing. To be perfectly honest, I am very skeptical about black/coloured players because of the flawed quota system in SA sports, but I was very impressed with his attitude in the Currie Cup. I guess time will tell whether he deserves the attention he is getting at the moment.

About the Cheetahs, I do feel sorry for the boys from Bloem. They are a class outfit and Rassie has my absolute respect. He is going to be a force to be reckoned with as a coach. If anyone had to beat us, I would have preferred it to be the Cheetahs!

Are the Bulls unstopable?

After this weekend I have to pose the question. In my total unbiased (NOT!) opinion, I don’t think Freestate can stop them. I must say that Rassie is a class act and if anyone has to beat the Bulls he’d probably be my 1st choice. One tends to forget that he was in the all-conquering side of ’98.

I was pissed off at Bakkies Botha though. He always seems to be prodding and teasing the opposition. This reminds of the dark days. Heyneke should address this issue ASAP. It is something that White Jake should also keep an eye on.

I can’t wait for the Super12 next year. I know these are huge words, but with Heyneke at the helm I really think we can win it. He is such an astute tactician and we do have the players. Right now the only real weaknesses that we have are the wings. I wish we could get our hands on Ashwin!

Geo Cronje in the UK!

I’ve just seen that Geo Cronje has joined Harlequins in the UK. Those of you that are interested in rugby and the Boks will know that he was involved in a ‘race’ issue in South-Africa last year. At the time I was very pissed off at the English media (see my BBC post) for the way they treated this story. They always make it sound as if all Afrikaners are racist (or as Ali G says: racialistic). In true fashion though, now that Geo will be offering his services to an English club, not a word is said. Anyway, even though I know Geo has made the best choice for himself, I do think he (and his beard!) will be missed sorely at Loftus. I thought he brought some real character to the pro game.

New contract

Well my current contract finishes this week so I’ve started looking again. The market seems quite active though so hopefully it should be OK. There’s a lot of talk around “Design Patterns” though. I’m quite keen to get an insight into this ASAP, so I’ve just bought a recommended book about it. If anyone knows of any descent resources, please let me know.

FW de Klerk

Attie Heunis with FW de Klerk
Attie Heunis with FW de Klerk

Ek was so ‘n ruk terug by die SA Golf Dag hier in Engeland. FW de Klerk, een van my ultimate helde was ook daar gewees. Dit was interessant en hy het ‘n baie goeie speech gegee, maar ek was eintlik effens teleurgesteld in hom. Hy het obviously oud geword, maar meer as net dit: dit het gelyk asof hy opgegee het.

Ek het al aan hom begin dink as ‘n moontlike kandidaat vir die SekGen van die VN (veral omdat Kofi Anan ‘n absolute pateet is), maar nadat ek hom nou die dag gesien het, dink ek nie dit sit op die oomblik in sy broekspyp nie. Plus ek sien hy’t nou die dag ‘n R7m saak verloor ook. Die hele ding het ook vir my ietwat dodgy geklink.

Ek hoop waaragtig hy kan homself regruk. Hy is so vrek slim en hy kan rĂªrig baie beteken vir minderheidsregte (dis nou vir ons wittes, onder andere) en die Afrikaner. Dit sal vir my baie hartseer wees as hy net so stil-stil verdwyn.

Afrikaners is plesierig!

I just saw a doccie on UKHistory about the Boer War. Man did we kick the shit out of the then mighty Poms! I never realised it was such a big deal in Europe at the time though. The whole angle of the British back then was to get their hands on “our” gold & diamonds. Doesn’t that ring any bells (nudge nudge wink wink)?

As an Afrikaner, I’m proud of the way that we refused to give in to the English. In the same way I wonder how, in time, the world will see the Iraqis that refuse to bow to the Americans now. If you think about it they have nothing left, but they still keep on fighting. You have to admire their resolution, if not their means. I bet you even the Americans in time will admit that. After all the Confederates (Bush is known to support the Southern Cause) were in excactly the same position at Gettysburg in the American Civil War in 1863.

That is the thing about war. It is all so relative. I don’t think you can make the Iraqi soldiers into the “bad” guys. They’re just protecting what they think is theirs. Or am I totally wrong?

The Further decline of the American Empire

Israel’s stranglehold over the United States has this week taken another step with the Global Anti-Semitism Awareness Act. What absolute tripe! I cannot believe that the US is falling for this crap. How can the US ever be seen as objective when it comes to Jewish concerns. I want to see the day when there is a Global Anti-Arabic Awareness Act or a Global Anti-German Awareness Act or a Global Anti-Boer Awareness Act. Bollocks!

I’m sooo sick of these groups. Don’t they realise that this kind of shit alienates them from other communities much more then it protects them?

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