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Attie Heunis & Family

Attie, Lene, Elke en Cara Heunis

We moved back to South Africa’s Eastern Cape in August 2006 on a semi-permanent basis after living 8 years permanently in the UK. Although we both still love the UK and London (we both acquired British citizenship in 2006), we were too passionate about South-Africa & Africa to completely sever ties. Another major consideration for our return was the birth of Elke in September 2006. We both believe that our kids would benefit from the wide open spaces that South Africa could provide. Now that we are more present in South Africa we hoped to transfer the skills we have garnered through our professions in the UK.

I am employed through Vectorsoft, a company I founded, as a software consultant. Having worked in Financial Services, Market Research, Advertising, Manufacturing and even Software Houses, I have 15 years experience of software development at the sharp end of business. I also help Lené with her business, the Red Apple Farm Stall.

My passions are nature, photography, classical music, the Blue Bulls, software & politics (in the greater sense of the word). I love all things to do with nature & wilderness, but my absolute passion is for Africa. I reckon that you haven’t lived until you have experienced the deserts, plains & bushveld of Africa! I also contributes regularly to his blog.

Lené runs her own business. The Red Apple comprises a “farm stall” packed with delicious treats and a coffee shop. Lené’s exquisite taste makes her an ideal person to own and manage a business like The Red Apple.

Lené has many passions, but they are all temporarily suspended to make way for one: Baby Stuff! Lené’s one rather unexpected passion that still survives is Formula 1. Lené supports Kimi Räikkönen and Fernando Alonso. One thing Lené is not well known for is swimming.

Elke Heunis was born on the 27th of September 2006. She came back to South Africa well… because she had no choice! Her passions are anything she is NOT allowed to play with such as keys, cell phones, electrical stuff etc. She is a budle of energy from the first thing until the last. Going to sleep is not an option! Cara Heunis, the latest (and hopefully final) addition to the family was born on 14 August 2009. Not with the same amount of energy as her elder sister, this one has a more considered approach to live.

Thanks for visiting The Official Heunis Website. We hope to see you again soon.

All the best,

Attie Heunis


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